Wisdom story: The fox and the stork playing tricks

6 min readFeb 8

There once lived a clever fox in the fields between a big city and a small farm where a farmer lived with his family. The fox was the farmer’s greatest adversary as she was always sneaking into his farm and eating his ducks or chickens and playing tricks on him such as hiding his tools, puncturing tires on his bicycle or car, and much more. One morning the fox heard a car going down the road from the farm. In the car were the farmer, his wife, and their children going to the market. This was the opportunity the fox was waiting for, as she knew the house was now empty at least for a couple of hours and it was safe to get a chicken or two for dinner. Once the fox was at the farm she found out that the chickens and ducks were safely locked in the hen house. Looking for a way into the hen house she noticed that one window in the main house was open. At first, she was skeptical as maybe the farmer was playing tricks on her and was trying to lure her into the house where he had set a trap for her. Why would he close all the windows in the hen house but leave that one window open in the main house? Then suddenly an intoxicating smell filled her nostrils which was coming out of the opened window. She quickly forgot all of her worries and changed her plan from getting into the hen house to getting into the main house. She climbed the nearby vine, slipped through the window, and hurried downstairs to the kitchen. Once she was in the kitchen the couldn’t believe what delicacies she saw! Fresh sausages hung from a large hook on the ceiling. Loaves of cheese were stacked in the corner, each larger than a wagon wheel. And jars of olives and wine and baskets of shiny walnuts waiting to be crushed. The fox had barely started eating when she heard a car pull over and someone walking towards the house. Maybe it was the farmer and this was his trap to finally get her, or maybe it was one of the neighbors that the farmer asked to keep an eye on the house. Whoever it was the fox had no intention of finding out. She stashed all she could in a bag that was next to the storage room and ran through the window above into the field.

Once she reached the edge of the field she didn’t have much longer to go to get home. She could already smell all the delicious meals she would prepare with her loot. Once home she lit a fire and boiled water. She sliced the meat and…


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