Story about fear: Today is the day the giant comes

4 min readJan 26

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a very bright and trustworthy young woman. Having learned all she could in her own village, she set out to explore the neighboring lands. After some time, she came upon a great city surrounded by a huge castle wall. »Surely I can learn something new from the people here,« she thought to herself. But after entering the city, she found its people too frightened and depressed to share any wisdom. »Why is everyone here so sad?« she asked.

One trembling citizen answered, »Today is the day the giant comes.« »Giant?« she scoffed in disbelief. »There’s no such thing as giants!« »Oh, but there is,« came the response. »He stands over 10 feet tall« So tall, he can’t rightly be called a man at all.«

Skeptical, but intrigued, the young woman pleaded, »Tell me more of this giant.« So the frightened citizen nervously explained to her, »Every year, on the same day, and at the same hour, he comes down from the mountain where he lives. He stands at the edge of the clearing and yells, »Send out your bravest man for me to fight, or I will knock down these walls and kill everyone inside!« Each year, one poor valiant soul steps out to face the giant, and there he stands, mesmerized by the giant’s enormity and the impossible task ahead. And every year, the giant slays the poor warrior where he stands before he even has a chance to draw his sword. The warrior doesn’t even move. It’s as if he is hypnotized.

Eyes wide with fascination, the woman begs, »Can I see this giant?« »The only way to see the giant,« the citizen explained, »is to face him in battle.« Still in disbelief but eager to learn, the woman responded, »Then that is what I will do!«

Shortly thereafter, at the appointed hour, the giant’s distant but powerful voice was heard over the castle walls, »Send out your bravest man for me to fight, or I will knock down these walls and kill everyone inside!« Unshaken, the young woman stepped out through the castle gate to face her opponent.

She looked out across the clearing to the edge of the forest at the foothills of the mountain. Sure enough, there stood an enormous giant! For a moment, she just stood and stared at him from a distance. There was a gentle rise in the ground separating the two. So she could…


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