Story about fear: The mysterious case of the PLOP

7 min readMay 6

There was once a group of rabbits that were friends from when they were little. All five of them lived in a forest near a lake where all the animals knew each other and lived in harmony. The five rabbits were known as fearless explorers, and there was no corner of the forest that they hadn’t explored or an animal that they didn’t know. That is why almost all of the animals were counting on them to get the latest news about what was happening in the forest, and who was doing what and where. Life in the forest was pretty easygoing and not much was happening. That was until one day when the rabbits were resting by the lake under a fruit tree when they suddenly heard an unknown sound, “PLOP”. One of the rabbits immediately started looking around to see what made that mysterious sound, but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then a second “PLOP” came out of nowhere, and now all the rabbits were alarmed. This time all five of them searched the area but couldn’t find anything that caused that mysterious sound. One of the rabbits looked at the fruit that was next to him and pointed out that, maybe the fruit makes that sound when it falls from the tree and hits the ground. But right as the group was discussing if that was the case, another fruit fell from the tree right next to them making a “thunk” sound. The rabbits agreed that it was not the fruit falling from the tree and were getting scared. Every minute they didn’t have an answer to what was making that mysterious sound their imagination was running more and more wild. Suddenly there was a third “PLOP” and now they got really scared. They started talking about all the scary stories they heard from other animals about the monsters that supposedly live in the forest but unfortunately, they didn’t know anyone who saw the monsters and survived to tell them. Everything they heard was just stories, but they seemed more and more real with every minute passing.

Their “scary story time” was cut short by another “PLOP” and this time they started running, not wanting to be eaten by any of the monsters they heard about. They didn’t get far when they ran into the fox. The fox was surprised at how scared the rabbits were, she never saw them like that before. So she asked them, “What is wrong? Why do you look so scared?” The rabbits started shouting over each other, “The PLOP is coming! The PLOP…


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