Story about fear: Mice, and their perfect plan for the cat​

5 min readJan 17

Not far away from Athens, there was a farm and on that farm lived a farmer, some farm animals, and many different species of hundreds and hundreds of mice. The farmer was pretty old and could hardly see. He knew the mice were there but they never really bothered him. So they were free to run around the farm as much as they pleased without any fear. The mice with the golden fur nested in the cornfields, pearl gray mice settled in the barn, and some mice settled in the room where the farmer made his cheese, others would live in the pantry, and even in the pillows all over the house. The mice lived like counts and countesses until one morning at breakfast the farmer found some mice excrement in his honey. If anything was sacred to the farmer it was his honey. So when he discovered that mice had been in his honey he got really angry, and that was the last straw. Right there and then he came up with a perfect plan on how to get rid of the mice. He was going to get a cat and let it hunt every single one of them that lived on his farm or near it!

So the farmer got the cat and his perfect plan worked like a charm. The mice lived in fear as the cat was hunting them day and night, outside and in the house. The biggest problem for the mice was the cat’s soft paws with which the cat would crawl silently behind them and then catch them. The mice could not stand the new situation on the farm for long and called a meeting in the tree grove behind the house. The mice gathered in the late afternoon when the cat was napping on the garden fence. They sat down under the trees and each had something to say about the cat. However, none of the mice had any real idea of how to protect themselves from this monster. Some mice suggested locking the cat in a barn, others suggested pushing the cat into a well or a river. However, despite all the suggestions, the oldest mouse explained to the others that if this cat somehow disappeared, the farmer would just get a new one and the problem would not be solved. The mice were overcome with fear and anxiety at the realization that they would never get rid of the cat.

It did not take long before three white mice raised their paws to get a word and share their plan based on what the oldest mouse told them. In an instant, everyone fell silent and listened to the three white mice, who…


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