A story about change: The village, its Ombu tree, and an unexpected event​

7 min readJan 3

There was once such a small village that no other neighboring state or city would have it on their maps. The town was so small it only had one small village square with a single tree growing on it. But the villagers loved their small village and barely anyone left the village for a longer period of time. Yes, children went off to study and work abroad, but they would always return at one point in their life. The one thing that always connected and brought together the villagers was the Ombu tree in the middle of the village square. The Ombu tree was the gathering point of all the villagers, it was a part of their everyday life, as it also was the place where everything that happened in the village happened. It was the place where men and women, boys and girls would meet, go on walks and start dating. Where business deals were made, as also the main village decisions. Also, it was the place where people would get married and go to remember the dead. The Ombu tree was the one thing that brought stability to the people. It was there since anyone could remember and it didn’t change much, it only got bigger. But then one day an unexpected event happened in the village. No one knew if this was good or bad but there it was, a green twig with two leaves peeked out of one of the roots of the Ombu tree. This was the first time something like this happened, and soon as the initial enthusiasm had passed a committee was formed to prepare a ceremony in honor of the new sprout. But to the surprise of the committee, not everyone took part in the celebration. Some were worried that the sprout would bring only trouble. And soon more of them popped up all over the Umbo roots across the village square. One day the guard of the square warned the inhabitants that something was wrong with the Ombu tree as its leaves were more yellowish than usual and were falling off quickly even though it was not yet that time of the year for the leaves to fall down. The tree bark, which was once thick and firm, has become dry and cracked. The tree was dying and everyone could see it.

That day, during an evening walk, an argument broke out between a small group of villagers. Some said it was all the sprouts’ fault that this was happening to the Ombu tree, and that until they showed up everything was in perfect order. On the other hand…


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